Sabrina Ionescu She is much more than a wonderful college basketball player. The influential essay he wrote last year in The Players Tribune, coupled with his budding relationship with Kobe Bryant and his decision to continue one more year in the University of Oregon They have made him become a benchmark that exceeds the purely sporty aspect of his figure and that makes it presage that when he lands in the WNBA she will become the biggest star in the history of women’s basketball.

Because what Ionescu is doing in Oregon goes beyond basketball. It is going to change things. To achieve true equality between men and women in sports, to fight against brands like Nike or Adidas that do everything at their whim. It goes from that, from being a responsible star of the 21st century, far from the stereotype that Jordan created in the nineties. We are in another world, with another social conscience, and this young player of Romanian origin is her head.

Tonight, in the WNBA Draft, everything indicates that Ionescu will be chosen at number 1 by New York Liberty. He will play at the Necla’s Barclays Center and be much more than a star on the court. He will try to lead the fight for equality between leagues and for a change in the brand system.

“I want to use the responsibility I have for my position to make a positive impact. I want to grow,” Ionescu told Yahoo Sports last year.

His moment comes tonight and it looks like he is going to take advantage of it.