Sabadell and 18 other companies will close the semester with the highest increases than the IBEX

Madrid, Jun 26 (.) .- Banco Sabadell and eighteen other listed companies will close the first half of the year with a greater revaluation than that accumulated by the main Spanish stock index, the selective IBEX 35, which will end this first part of the year with a rise of just over 12%.

Among these companies, Sabadell is the value that advanced the most in the year, close to 70%, although it has accumulated a rise of 90%.

Banco Sabadell, which was the most penalized value in 2020, is the one that rises the most this year along with the rest of the banking sector and cyclical stocks, which are encouraged by the economic recovery.

After the financial entity, Fluidra is the second value that increased the most in the first part of the year, 66.6%.

The swimming pool construction and equipment company debuted on March 29 at the IBEX 35, replacing Bankia, and at that time, there was already an increase of 12.65% in the year.

After that rise of close to 67% in the year, Fluidra has reached all-time highs in its price this week, above 34.5 euros.

Very far from these two companies, but with annual revaluations of more than 30%, other companies are located, among them, great values.

Almirall more than 39%; ArcelorMittal advances 38.65%; BBVA 36.4% and Repsol 34%; Banco Santander 33.4% and Caixabank and Telefónica slightly more than 27%.

On the contrary, if the year 2020 was that of renewables, 2021 is being a year in which these companies are being severely penalized.

The top positions of the seven listed companies that accumulate losses compared to the start of the year and are part of the IBEX 35 are linked to the energy sector. Solaria stands out with a drop of 34.9%; Siemens Gamesa 17.4% and ACS and Iberdrola slightly more than 10.2%

Grifols ceded 3.5%, Bankinter 0.7% and Red Eléctrica 0.4%.

By sectors, banking is the largest addition in the year, 30%.

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