Rythm & Exercise exceeds half a million copies

Since Nintendo Wii was released on the market, the world of video games changed radically, and that is that a new way of playing began to see the light thanks to its Wii Motion. Both casual and exercise games would begin to grow among users to this day. You just have to see that they are still launching games to move around at home, being big super sales like the Just Dance saga, the successful Ring Fit Adventure or the Fitness Boxing saga.

Fitness Boxing 2

Fitness Boxing 2

Fitness Boxing 2 Review: Rythm & Exercise

Fitness Boxing 2: Rythm & Exercise – A Record Success

As we all know, for almost a year now, the world has been experiencing a global pandemic that is making us stay home for as long as possible. Many people are avoiding going to the gym and are therefore acquiring exercise equipment from home. Among this material are exercise video games such as Ring Fit Adventure or Fitness Boxing 2: Rythm & Exercise. Today we have sales data for the latter, and despite having little on the market, since it went on sale exclusively for Nintendo Switch on December 3 in Japan and a day later in the rest of the world, Nintendo itself has announced that it carries more than 500,000 copies sold worldwide. These sales are both in digital and physical format.

Its developer, Imagineer, continues to work on new free updates, such as the one they just released, entitled “No Mercy” where the new coaches, Janice, Martina and Sophie will give us no truce in our training sessions.

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