Happy to soon give birth, Rym Renom is nearing her term but experiences a rather painful end of pregnancy.

Rym Renom and her fiancé Vincent Queijo are in heaven. The reason for their happiness? In addition to a wedding in preparation, the couple eagerly awaits the arrival of their baby girl. Vincent Queijo thus fulfills his lifelong dream of founding a family.

Very close to their fans, the two lovers even took part in the Moms & Famous show to reveal more about their daily life and their impatience to become parents.

An evil that she had not known until then

As Rym Renom nears her term, she has begun to experience previously unknown pain. It is via his Instagram story that she revealed to her subscribers to have back pain.

It’s a pain that I don’t have often, only recently. Maybe because I’m getting close to the end. But my back hurts too much. Looks like I have body aches mixed with period pain.

However, she clarified:

I don’t have a contraction, nothing. My collar is well closed, the doctor told me so last night.

Thanks to the advice of his fans, Rym was able to find a solution for relieve his pain unfortunately still present despite everything.

His secrets about his daughter

It was to our editorial staff that Rym Renom had been kind enough to talk about her future baby. While many reality TV stars do not hesitate to expose their children on the networks by creating an Instagram account for their toddler, Rym Renom seems categorical on this subject:

No ! Honestly, we haven’t thought about all that, but no, we won’t do any Instagram account for the baby, not at all.

Side wedding, this should take place in 2022 in Portugal. The couple want to take their time to organize the wedding of their dreams. It is also because of the pandemic that they decided to predict it in two years.