Ten years after Nexs arrived in WWE, several news items have circulated that we have previously commented to our readers, including the possible return of the faction at WrestleMania 36. This time Ryback revealed some details about the company’s plans.

Ruback revealed in his podcast all the information he received from Wade Barrett about the return of Nexus, but anyway, he clarified that he, in any case, would not be part in the event of a return, mainly due to the differences he has with the company. .

It is known that Ryback is in certain problems with WWE due to the registration of its brand, since it is waiting for the company to release it in a few months, but in case it does not, it is willing to start a legal dispute . In addition to all this, Ryback has been a specialist in speaking ill of the company and some fighters through his podcast and social networks.

The possible return of Nexus revealed by Ryback in detail

Among the information revealed by Ryback we have the confirmation that the return of Nexus would be for the Axxess of WrestleMania and only for that, but the offer was declined by Barrett. Darren Young is known to have accepted, but the event would not have been possible anyway due to the contingency by COVID-19.

Ryback speculated a bit assuming that if people gave a good answer, maybe they could invite them to be on the RAW show after “The Showcase of the Immortals.”

In addition to this rumor, Barrett’s statements about Drew McIntyre are added, which could lead to a return of at least the British fighter to WWE.

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