Within their constant virtual squabbles, something that Ryan reynolds try without rest is to ruin the image of good boy who Hugh jackman boasts to his millions of fans. So, by serving as the narrator of a recent video starring the Australian, the Deadpool actor had the perfect opportunity to show the true (and supposedly embittered) personality of his Hollywood nemesis.

The aforementioned audiovisual – which you can see below – consists of an advertising spot by Laughing Man Coffee, a coffee brand founded by Jackman in 2011.

« An honest look at a day in my life, » wrote the Wolverine interpreter at the head of the video.

In the first thirty seconds of the commercial, we discover that Hugh Jackman is a bad-faced being who, as soon as he gets out of bed, throws objects, yells at children, refuses to walk his dog and listens to heavy metal.

Ironically, while exposing these images, Ryan Reynolds describes the Oscar nominee as « a remarkable humanitarian, a goodwill ambassador and an eternal optimist. »

On the other hand, apparently it only takes the bitter actor to take a sip of his coffee to change his attitude, as Laughing Man « is 100% responsible for the Hugh Jackman we know and love, » according to the narrative voice of the Canadian.

As everyone knows or should know, the « rivalry » between the two stars is a mere fiction of social networks; the humorous way in which they express their great friendship to the world. The interesting thing is that such entertainment has now become an ideal means to generate publicity, in favor of Jackman’s company. But don’t think of « the great showman » as greedy for money. The same commercial emphasizes that all of Laughing Man’s profits are donated to fair trade initiatives.

Sorry, Deadpool. Logan still lives up to his reputation as a kind and altruistic person.

But still playing a toxic feud game, a few days ago Hugh Jackman threatened to sue Ryan Reynolds for misuse of his image in a unofficial deadpool 3 poster. Come here to see the full note.

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