It seems that Ryan Reynolds will continue his relationship with Netflix and, according to Variety, after collaborating on ‘6 in the shade ‘and the future’ Red Notice ‘, has started negotiations with the channel to star in and produce a live action film adaptation of the classic game of Arcadian ‘Dragon’s Lair’.

This video game from Cinematronics features as a hero Dirk the Intrepid, a knight who tries to rescue Princess Daphne from the evil dragon Singe, who has locked the princess in the castle of the magician Mordroc. creatures and humorous scenes from the deaths, but also from the fact that although Dirk was a skilled knight, he was a bit clumsy, as well as being a hero with a tendency to scream and react in horror to the various dangers he encountered.

This adaptation has been on the air practically since the birth of the game in 1983. First it was Alan Dean Foster who tried to make it work, but the lack of interest from the studies caused it not to be carried out. In 2015 creators Don Bluth and Gary Goldman started a campaign on Indiegogo again for some studio to take over. After doubling its budget and almost a year of negotiations, Netflix took its rights and finally the project will come true under the production of Bluth, Goldman, Roy Lee for Vertigo Entertainment, Trevor Engelson for Underground Films and Reynolds for their label Maximum Effort.

The libretoser written by Dan and Kevin Hageman, responsible for preparing the story of the animated family adventure ‘The Lego Movie’, as well as the script of the interesting adaptation of the series of horror novels for teenagers ‘Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark’ (Scary stories to tell in the dark).