Ryan Phillippe: “When I read the script for the pilot of ‘Big Sky’, it almost fell out of my hands”

The popular actor plays Cody Hoyt in ‘Big Sky’, the thriller created by David E. Kelley, which lands in Spain through Disney +.

Alejandro Rodera February 23, 2021 (27 minutes ago)

Star comes to Disney + to remedy the absence of more adult content on the streaming platform. From the day of its launch, on February 23, the new section will offer 40 series to subscribers, mainly focusing on proven titles. But that’s not all, since Star also hosts the premiere of several unpublished fictions in our country, among which the thriller ‘Big Sky’, created by David E. Kelley (‘Big Little Lies’) stands out. On the occasion of his Disney + debut, We were able to talk to Ryan Phillippe, co-star of this intriguing bet, about the shocking driver and the experience of filming in times of coronavirus.

Ryan Phillippe Headlines

« When I read the pilot script, it almost fell out of my hands » « You don’t see the twist coming from the first episode » « Anything can happen in the series, a lot of unexpected twists » « The audience can expect the unexpected » « It is a thriller with a mystery, but there are also moments of humor «  » The beautiful environment that surrounds the series helps to generate even more mystery «  » The writing of David E. Kelley makes the series unique «  » Many series have become predictable , but ‘Big Sky’ breaks with that «  » I challenge people to find out what will happen in the series «  » All protocols related to the pandemic were followed «  » Filming is usually very social experiences and here we have not been able to live that «  » It has been very lonely many times «