Ryan Hoffman asks for respect for his family after the arrest of “YosStop” – Las Noticias de Chihuahua – Intrelíneas

Ryan Hoffman, brother of the youtuber “YosStop”, detained since June 29 in Mexico City, asked citizens for understanding, respect and empathy with his family.

“Rayito”, as the youtuber also calls himself, explained that his mother Marina Badui is very affected by the legal process against Yoseline Hoffman for the alleged crime of possession and reproduction of child pornography.

“All this is affecting my mother a lot, I want to ask you for favor, that she is an elderly woman, I ask you for respect and that you understand the situation my family is going through,” he mentioned in a video shared on his Instagram stories.

Likewise, Ryan took the opportunity to thank his followers for their support, and pointed out that he can not talk more about the issue because his sister is in a delicate situation and does not want to affect.

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