Russo brothers share a glimpse of their first movie

They both shared a memory of their beginnings as filmmakers. Photo: AP | AP

Brothers Joe and Anthony Russo are known today for their work behind the scenes of some of the most important films within the franchise of Marvel Studios, although it is necessary to remember that both did not start as directors of great summer blockbusters.

Today, the Russo would celebrate through their social networks the making of their first film during the 90’s, sharing with their followers in Instagram a fragment of ‘Pieces‘, in which they themselves would have a leading role.

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The film presents the story of three men who are in charge of a wig shop, which serves as a cover for their crimes. « We arrived to Park city with 50 Italian family members in tow, a mountain of injured credit cards and three carts of 16-millimeter film ”, indicate the Russo in your post.

“The tape is populated with our family and friends from ClevelandBoth as cast and crew, who all helped us in the process.  » According to the post, Angela Russo, co-writer of the script for “Cherry”, Appears in the video as one of the schoolgirls.

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Both point out that, after its premiere, they did not receive calls from the major studios, as it is not a completely commercial film. “The kind of movie that only another filmmaker could love. A revolutionary filmmaker like Steven Soderbergh”.

On the sidelines of the premiere of « CherryTheir most recent film, the Russos have presented a more introspective side in which they constantly reminisce about their beginnings as filmmakers. Starring Tom Holland, This new film is based on the biographical novel of Nico Wakler, a war veteran with post-traumatic stress disorder who would begin to carry out a series of armed robberies to various banks.