Russia’s space agency deploys blockchain for the protection of intellectual rights

The Russian state corporation Roscosmos is implementing a platform based on blockchain technology to protect the intellectual property of organizations in the space and rocket industry.

The corporation’s website stated that it began using the Waves Enterprise blockchain feature to identify violations of the intellectual property rights of companies and institutions within the industry.

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The solution also has another benefit of providing non-monetary rewards by using smart contracts to detect cases of intellectual property infringement. As part of the rewards program, participants will receive “cosmotokens” that they can then redeem for agency merchandise.

This is not the first time that the blockchain-based Wave Enterprise has been deployed in Russia. Last year, the firm offered its blockchain expertise to develop a blockchain-based platform for Russian parliamentary elections.

The project will attract several participants

Roscosmos added that the feature is expected to attract several companies within the industry and likely others outside. It will also attract a number of participants, including patent attorneys, patent specialists, attorneys, and citizens who are passionate about reducing copyright infringement.

However, testing will take place before the project is fully released to the public. The test will invite students and scholars specializing in law from various universities, including the Saint Petersburg State University of Economics and the Moscow State Law Academy.

Roscosmos stated that the tests will allow future specialists to gain practical skills when working with real objects of intellectual property.

IP Guard to detect violations

The space agency has begun testing IP protection solutions built into the Waves Enterprise blockchain. The solution is called IP Guard and will be used to detect IP breaches from Roscosmos and other industry organizations.

According to Roscosmos, the tool will be useful for maintaining and verifying a database of IP data objects. It will also help coordinate IP experts such as auditors, patent specialists, and attorneys.

Waves Enterprise Commercial Director Igor Kuzmichev stated that the verifiability and immutability of data are the most notable properties of the blockchain. However, these properties cannot be guaranteed by centralized registries, he added.