Russia sets new records of infections with almost 25 thousand and 467 deaths in 24 hours

Moscow, the epicenter of the pandemic in Russia, also recorded unprecedented numbers of infections with 7,168; authorities remain alert due to levels that had not been reached since March

Russia marked a new all-time high with 24,822 cases of COVID-19 in the last 24 hours, according to the health authorities.

Further, 467 people died since yesterday, a record since March, bringing the total death toll to 35 thousand 778, according to the source.

Although never they had been discharged so many coronavirus patients in a single day, more than 26 thousand.

Moscow, the epicenter of the pandemic in this country, also registered unprecedented numbers of infections with 7,168, to which must be added 74 deaths.

In the second city of the country, St. Petersburg, 2,476 cases were registered.
With 2 million 64 thousand 748 infections, Russia is the fifth country in the world with the most confirmed cases after United States, India, Brazil Y France.

On Wednesday, the country’s president, Vladimir Putin, noted the “complex” situation with the coronavirus in different regions of the country and called on local authorities to “not make up” the real situation.

Despite the unstoppable increase in cases, the Russian government continues without adopting national restrictions, as it did last March, although the Ministry of Health called on the regions to adopt specific restrictive measures wherever the epidemic situation is most serious.

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