Russia registers CoviVac, its third vaccine against Covid-19

Circulation of the first 120,000 doses of the CoviVac vaccine, produced by the Chumakov Center, is scheduled for March, the Russian authorities reported.

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Moscow, Russia.- The Ministry of Health of Russia registered a new anticovid vaccine, the CoviVac, the third developed in the country, announced this Saturday by the Russian Prime Minister, Mikhail Mishustin.

« I want to start with very good news. Today we see that the third vaccine, the CoviVac, produced by the Chumakov Center, has been registered. In mid-March the first 120,000 doses will enter circulation, » said the head of the Government at a meeting on the progress of the vaccination process in the country.

He added that the Russian pharmaceutical industry permanently increases the production of anticovid vaccines.

« We have already produced more than 10 million doses of the Sputnik V vaccine and about 80,000 doses of the EpiVacCorona, and the third CoviVac production line will soon be put into operation, » said Mishustin, quoted by the official RIA Nóvosti agency.

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For her part, Deputy Prime Minister Tatiana Golíkova reported that in the first half of the year Russia plans to produce 88 million doses of anticovid vaccines, of which 83 million are from Sputnik V.

Regarding the progress of the vaccination process, Golikova indicated that 45 percent of people over 60 years of age have already been vaccinated, a percentage that he considered « insufficient », for which he called on regional authorities to redouble their efforts in that regard. sense.