Russia ready to distribute its coronavirus vaccine

Russia has prepared the process to distribute its vaccine against the coronavirus, Sputnik V. This has been assured by the president of the country, Vladimir Putin, at the meeting of the leaders of the G20, where the Spanish president, Pedro Sánchez, also participates. Further, Putin has pointed out that Russia is working on a second and a third vaccine, which are in development and has commented to the rest of the world leaders that the creation of a portfolio of vaccines should be the “common goal” of all countries.

Sputnik V was the first vaccine that Russia registered and, as they have assured this week, it has been proven to be effective in 92% of cases, an announcement made just after Pfizer reported that its vaccine was effective in 90% of people tested (days later it raised the effectiveness to 95%).

As explained by the Gamaleya Center and the Fund for Direct Investments of Russia (FIDR), the efficiency of 92% of Sputnik V was obtained after an investigation with more than 16,000 volunteers. “As a result of the statistical analysis of confirmed cases of coronavirus, the difference in cases between the individuals and those who received the placebo indicates that the vaccine had a 92% efficacy rate after the second dose”they said in a statement.

It should be remembered that the Russian vaccine, as is the case with Pfizer and BioNTech, it is inoculated in two doses and not in one as in other projects in development.

Argentina finalizes the purchase of Sputnik V

After Putin’s announcement, Argentina was the first to comment on Russia’s offer. The Government of the South American country has assured that they hope to sign the contract with Russia next week for the dissemination of Sputnik V. “We will buy it once it is approved by the competent authorities,” said Santiago Cafiero, chief of staff of the Argentine president, Alberto Fernández.

Cafiero, yes, He did not give specific deadlines on the exact date they expect to receive the vaccine, but explained that they have the “expectation” to sign the contract next week thanks to the good harmony that exists between Putin and Alberto Fernández, which has made the management of the purchase “a little easier”. Even so, and despite the fact that all eyes are on Russia, the Argentine chief of staff added that the Russian vaccine It is not the only one they are working with.