The Russian Army has begun conducting flight tests of the new hypersonic missile “Tsirkon”, Which will match atomic submarines and It has a range of more than a thousand kilometers, Defense Minister Sergey Shoigú said on Wednesday.

Flight tests of the hypersonic missile launched from the sea ‘Tsirkon’ are ongoingShoigú said in the Federation Council (Senate), according to the Interfax agency.

The “Tsirkon” is, according to Russian President Vladimir Putin, capable of flying to a speed nine times greater than that of sound, has a range of more than a thousand kilometers and can hit both land and sea targets.

Shoigú also said that the industrial modernization process for the serial production of the “Sarmat” intercontinental ballistic missile has been completed.

In April last year, Putin announced that the “Sarmat” was in the final stages of testing. In 2018, he said the intercontinental ballistic missile will enter service in 2021 and replace the Satan.

The president said of this weapon that it is “of practically unlimited scope” against which the American anti-missile system “will have nothing to do”.

“It is a terrible weapon capable of hitting targets both flying over the North and South Poles,” he said then.

The Russian Defense Minister also assured on Wednesday that the combat capacity of the Russian Armed Forces has more than doubled since 2012, which would allow them to maintain a “strategic parity” with NATO.

(With information from EFE)