Russia approved the first vaccine against Covid-19, according to Russian President Vladimir Putin. It is the first country in the world to claim to have achieved a cure for the coronavirus, in the midst of what has been characterized as a race between nations, especially against the United States, to find a vaccine that is effective against Covid-19. However, the scientific community outside of Russia does not seem to completely trust the so-called Gamaleya vaccine due to a series of inconsistencies in its development.

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Vladimir Putin assured that the first vaccine against Covid-19 works “quite effectively” and that it “forms a strong immunity.” In addition, according to ., Putin claimed that “he has passed all the necessary controls” and even revealed that one of his daughters participated in the experiment with the administration of two injections and that she was fine. According to AP, The president added that he expects the vaccine to begin mass production very soon.

But the development of the Gamaleya vaccine, named after the Gamaleya Institute in Moscow, where it is being developed, has raised suspicions and concerns within the scientific community because, apparently, the cure was not subjected to phase 3 trials which are considered essential to ensure its safety, as explained in Business Insider. A series of reports had revealed that scientists from the Gamaleya Institute injected themselves with the prototype and sped up many of the tests in order to speed its development. Even the Russian Association of Clinical Research Organizations called it a “gross violation of the very foundations of clinical research” that they injected themselves with the vaccine, according to the AP.

Phase 3 trials will begin after the vaccine receives regulatory approval. The injection will be voluntary and its large-scale production is expected to begin in September and mass vaccination to begin by October.