Russia already has a director and actress for its film in space

It’s a small step for filmmakers, but a giant one for film. Russia has already determined which director and which actress will be in charge of making its next film in space. As announced two years ago, the Eurasian country is preparing to beat the United States by being the first to shoot a movie in outer space and we already know who will have such a task.

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According to information from CNN, Russian news agencies are sharing who will be the actress Yuia pereslid and the director Klim shipenko who will shoot the Russian film on the International Space Station. Both were selected after a call that was launched by their space agency in November of last year and it has also been confirmed that the film will be titled Vyzov, which can be translated as “The challenge.”

The story will tell the effort of a surgeon, played by Pereslid, to operate on a sick cosmonaut in space whose condition does not allow him to return to Earth. Possibly, he uses the stress of the few resources that exist up there to have to perform the procedure safely and get his fellow astronaut back and alive to our planet.

Pereslid has made both fantasy films and historical dramas and even horror. In Shipenko’s case, the director made one of Russia’s highest-grossing films, the comedy Serf. That story told the fable of the son of a wealthy businessman who, to teach him the value of money, convinces him, after an accident, that he has traveled to the past and has become a slave in the era of the Russian tsars. Play it a more disturbing version of We Nobles – 100%.

If you’ve never heard of this pair, don’t feel bad. Although the occasional Russian film reaches Latin America, it is rare for the title there that gains attention in our region. Probably the most recent one you remember is Sputnik: Strange Passenger – 93%, science fiction horror film about an astronaut who returns with a rare parasite or the movie Beanpole: A great woman – 90%, which in 2019 gained attention on the international festival circuit.

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It has been confirmed that the actress and the director will travel to the International Space Station on the Soyuz MS-19 spacecraft. Both must undergo, along with a couple of possible substitutes, in the following months to a training regimen that allows them to be prepared for the conditions of that place. This will include flights in zero gravity and with a parachute, in case of any emergency. Both are expected to leave the planet in October of this year.

Vyzov does not have a release date yet. Meanwhile, the American team of Doug Liman, Tom Cruise and Elon musk They seem to still be developing plans for their own movie shot in space. So, for the moment, it seems that Russia is leading the film race for the most exotic location in the history of cinema or, at least, the most exotic so far.

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