In April, WWE fired a number of its top WWE superstars as part of its cost-cutting measures during the pandemic. To the surprise of the WWE Universe and fans, those who were released had characters like Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson, who had only been to the WrestleMania 36 main event a few weeks earlier, as well as Rusev. Rusev’s release from the company was a shock, and while it’s unclear where the Bulgarian Brute is headed, he’s not spending his time outside of WWE doing nothing.

Rusev recently spoke about his dismissal from WWE on his YouTube channel, where he recalled his most nervous moments while working on WWE.

Rusev and his most nervous moments in WWE

Rusev was extremely successful in WWE, and although he never reached the level he was capable of, he did have a few moments of glory. During his time at the company, Rusev worked with The Big Show, John Cena, The Undertaker, and many other top superstars. He talked about how working with these three Superstars sometimes led to him being quite nervous at first, although he would eventually get over his nerves and have a good fight.

“The first one was before my debut, that was my first time that I was nervous. The second time was before my fight with (John) Cena at WrestleMania, that was again when I was nervous, just because it was my first WrestleMania. He had this great entry with a tank and we had some good stuff so he was nervous too. My other nervous moment was the first time I worked with Big Show. It was one of these things, where he said to me: Hey, I’ll see you in the ring. That was it. I saw him behind the scenes and he’s a big man. I love Show, Big Show is one of my favorite guys. Here I am on tour for six months, working with a giant who has never worked before. It’s not just that you’re working with someone you’ve never fought with before, but you’re working with a damn giant. “

“I was nervous before fighting ‘Taker. Because it was one more time, one of those ‘Hey, see you in the ring’ things. ”

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