Former WWE superstar Rusev has finally revealed his new look through his Instagram account. His post also revealed his plans after his dismissal from WWE. Rusev now plans to spend more time on the video streaming channel on Twitch.

Rusev was one of the Superstars that WWE fired earlier this year as a cost-cutting measure. The financial implications of Covid-19 were reported to have led to the firing of several talents from the company. They all had a 90-day non-compete clause that recently ended.

Speaking of his departure from WWE, Rusev said yes, he was fired, but who cares? He then announced that he will soon start a Twitch channel because he wants to show his fans how good he is in video games.

“So this is the deal. They fired me, right? Professional fight blah blah. Who cares? Exciting news is happening… We are going to start a Twitch channel very soon because I want to show everyone how good I am at video games. ”

Rusev’s last career in WWE

The last time Rusev was in WWE, he was involved in an infamous story that also featured his wife Lana and WWE superstar Bobby Lashley. This dispute saw Lana cheating on Rusev with Lashley. From divorce to an on-screen wedding, this story saw it all.

The Rusev-Lana-Lashley dispute also saw the return of WWE superstar Liv Morgan, who was brought back as Lana’s secret lover. Finally, Bobby Lashley and Rusev hooked up with Lana and Liv Morgan on their respective sides. The story ended with Lashley marrying Lana while Rusev left television.

Following Rusev’s departure from the company, WWE rushed to end the alliance between Lana and Bobby Lashley. Lashley found a mentor in MVP who helped him drive RAW. They blamed Lana for distractions, and eventually, WWE showed a split between Lashley and Lana.

WWE then sparked an alliance between Lana and Natalya. Her behind-the-scenes segment had begun to attract fan interest, but Lana had to walk away from the action as her parents and Rusev tested positive for Covid-19.

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