Miro formerly known as Rusev was released from WWE in mid-April in the massive cost-cutting launches that took place across the company. During that time, a large number of fighters were released from the company. While many of the stars signed on to different promotions outside of AEW, Miro appeared to be concentrating on growing his Twitch and YouTube channels. Last week, Miro made a change and made his debut on AEW Dynamite.

Now in an interview with Busted Open Radio, Miro has lashed out at WWE once again and compared them to boxing, while saying that AEW is MMA.

Miro aka Rusev lashes out at WWE – LA compares to AEW

Miro lashed out at WWE, saying they were like boxing and didn’t change their style, while MMA was very inclusive of all styles like MMA.

“I was in this bubble and did the same style for ten years. Everything that was outside, was like, ‘Well that doesn’t make sense, this doesn’t make sense.’ Being abroad, I finally understand why AEW is the best. They give you all the styles all over the world. They don’t tell you, ‘Hey, come change your style to what we want.’ No, you come and show your style and do what you know. The old bubble is like boxing, AEW is like MMA. They are all styles “.

Miro (Rusev) went on to say that since he was fired from WWE, he had done very well on Twitch and YouTube. Miro also pointed out that fans were already calling him Miro, even though he only debuted on AEW a week ago.

“It is not difficult at all. Since they let me go, I have done well in my downtime. I started promoting myself on Twitch and YouTube. Both channels grew so fast and it shows how amazing our audience is. The fans of the fight do not forget anyone. If you have done well, they will remember you. Now when people see me on the street they don’t call me [Rusev]They call me Miro and it’s only been a week. behind a company that really promotes my stuff. They promote my Twitch and social media, they want me to do good. “

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