Former WWE superstar Rusev, now Miro revealed today that he has COVID-19. This was shocking information for fans, but he said it will be fine.

Miro released a YouTube video after revealing this information on his Twitch channel. He seemed to be in a good mood, but the subject was very serious.

He discussed the situation of Lana’s parents with the coronavirus. Her mother is now recovering at home. Both of her parents are sick and trying to feel better. Her father lost weight and asked Miro how to get it back, so he sent his father-in-law some protein shakes.

This is how Rusev discovered that he had COVID-19

Miro revealed that he lost his sense of taste and smell. Initially you thought it was negative because you misread your test result after it was reviewed. He also did not receive a call about his test, but today he received one saying that he did test positive.

He said “the strangest thing is that I feel great.” Miro said he was a little tired, but thought it was due to exercise. It is positive for COVID-19, so it will stay at home. You’ll use your gym at home, spend time on Twitch, and schedule a consultation with a doctor.

Miro said that this situation has greatly affected his family. He considers himself lucky to feel as good as he does. Peak fitness could have a lot to do with how well your body is fighting this terrible disease.

Our thoughts go out to everyone who faces a situation caused by the coronavirus.

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