WWE fired Rusev from his contract, but he’s doing well on Twitch. Miro opened his transmission and even recorded the unpacking of his setup. In addition to a brief ban because Lana showed too much on one broadcast, going out in a bikini, Miro has been very successful.

The former Bulgarian brute recently stated that he had ended the professional fight. He is a professional Twitcher now. That could be a joke because it’s hard to imagine that he will never fight again. He is also earning enough on Twitch to live very comfortably.

Twitch streamers earn money in four different ways: donations, announcements, subscriptions, and sponsorships. From the information we have available to us, Miro is doing incredibly well on the popular streaming platform.

Rusev make big money on twitch

Rusev currently has 50,000 subscribers on Twitch. That number is not exact, so it actually has more than 50,000. Those subscribers pay $ 4.99 a month to see Miro live. Twitch takes half of that revenue, but still leaves Miro at a whopping $ 124,750 per month at least.

Twitch streamers also earn around $ 250 in advertising revenue for every 100 subscribers. Miro has 5,000 subscribers. So, she’s making around $ 12,500 a month as a bonus for having so many fans who want to see her.

Those numbers may seem outrageous, but Twitch is making a ton of revenue. There is a reason why eSports is such a big market right now.

It’s also easy to see why Miro is doing so well on Twitch. He shows his true personality, which is incredibly nice. We have not spoken to a person who has had something bad to say about him.

We don’t even include the Miro donation money you can get during your sessions, which obviously varies. It’s easy to see why so many professional fighters have Twitch streams, because in the end he pays all his bills in full.

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