The news kept talking about that “tendency to conglomerate people in the cities»That affected Spain, says Amparo Castellano, general director of Entertainment for DLO / Magnolia, and executive producer of ‘Ruralitas’, the program that was born from that idea, and which broadcasts La 2 morning at 7:45 p.m.

“We thought it would be a beautiful project to be able to talk about how the country is doing, if it really is a hollow Spain or it is still a powerful Spain, with a bunch of services that it offers to the big cities, “says Castellano about the format, which aims to show” a world that we do not know. ”

In fact, Castellano believes that there is great ignorance on the matter, since it has not been so difficult for them «track professions and different ways of living “in those small towns, even those with only one neighbor. In them, you can find bakers who, far from staying to carry out “a job as very ancient”, put “some notes of modernity” that have nothing to envy “the coolest bakeries in Madrid”.

For this reason, ‘Ruralitas’ looks for those types of profiles that demonstrate that “that Spain was not anchored in the 1960s”, but simply “they have a different way of living from that of the city”. And that they also support and contribute to the community in which they live, since they are the true protagonists of the format. In ‘Ruralitas’ there is no presenter or narrator, and it is the inhabitants themselves who, through their profession, connect with other characters from their town or those around them.

That is the only selection criterion. And one of those who meets these requirements is Gerardo, a cheesemaker residing in Anguiano (La Rioja), who also acts as peddler. Also Joaquín and Juan, agents of Seprona, from the Civil Guard barracks of Ibi (Alicante), who are in charge of several towns in the County of Cocentaina, and who, along with Gerardo, are the main protagonists of tomorrow’s program .

The ‘Ruralitas’ team counted that they would end up surprised with the experience, but not so pleasantly, as half finished the recordings “wanting to go live in a town». But they have not only focused on that bucolic part and that it raises “a society in which everything is wonderful”, but also on that other face “mega”, because “with so few people, sometimes it is difficult to survive”.