The McLaren rider does not hide his intention to race the Dakar in the future

Of course, it qualifies that to make the jump they are missing “minimum ten years”

Carlos Sainz assures that the Dakar Rally falls within his very long-term plans. The McLaren driver knows that he still has rope for a while in Formula 1, but he does not rule out a jump to the ‘off-road’ discipline in at least ten years.

The man from Madrid has never hidden his love for rallies and, of course, he has the best ‘mirror’ at home, since his father is a two-time world champion of rallies and three-time Dakar champion with three different brands.

In a conversation with the Sainz and Fernando Alonso as protagonists, the Asturian put on the journalist’s ‘suit’ and launched a forceful statement towards Carlos: “Do you know 100% that you are going to do the Dakar, when will you do it? Within a lot, or a lot? ”

Sainz replied without hesitation. “At least ten years, but my plans – running the Dakar – enter. It may be more, but I don’t think so. Let’s see what the race is like in ten years too, because it’s all electric, just go find out.”

As it could not be otherwise, the ‘reply’ was inevitable. The Sainz ‘counter-attacked’ by asking Fernando when he will return to the toughest rally in the world, in which a surprising performance came together in his debut.

“The Dakar, if it is not next year, I would like to return in the future. I already know the mechanics, sensations and that … I would like not to throw it overboard and enjoy it again, but I do not know when,” added the Asturian.

On the other hand, Carlos Sainz Jr. recalled a curious anecdote that dates back to 2006, when his father had the opportunity to test the Renault R25, the car with which Fernando Alonso was proclaimed Formula 1 World Champion for the first time.

“I remember being there seeing him in Barcelona when he was about ten years old and I was envious … I remember asking if I could drive him and take a turn even if it was with the Pit-Lane limiter activated,” said Sainz to conclude.

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