To lessen the impact of the running of the bulls, they must be helped to understand what is happening, explained specialists in the framework of World Autism Day.

The closure caused by the Covid-19 pandemic can cause anguish and anxiety in people with autism, said psychology specialist Judith Vaillard Martínez.

In an interview with Notimex, he explained that because these people have inflexibility of thought, routine changes affect them much more than any other individual, they even require more effort.

“The fact that everyone is in the same environment makes them very bad,” he said in the framework of the World Autism Day, which is commemorated this April 2.

The also director of the Domus Institute of Autism pointed out that this is a neurodevelopmental disorder that manifests itself in the first two years of life, although the signs may be evident around 12 months of age.

He stressed that some of the features to identify this disorder early are that they avoid eye contact, they do not respond to the smile or other facial expressions of the parents, they do not look at or point to the objects, they like routines, they make it difficult for them to change and do unusual activities repetitively.

Vaillard Martínez indicated that to lessen the impact of the running of the bulls, they must be helped to understand what is happening and create an internal structure for them to establish what they can do. In addition to rescuing a little from their daily agenda and avoiding eating junk foods, as they can cause metabolic disturbances.

“You have to help them deal with this. Not only do you have to tell them they can’t, but you have to give them an alternative, and try to go out a little to isolated places that don’t have many people, “he recommended.

In Mexico, it is calculated that one in 115 children has autism, however, it is considered that this figure may be higher because not all people are diagnosed. (Ntx)


People with #autism don’t live in their world, they live in everyone’s

👉During confinement by # COVID19 remember: children with autism can go on therapeutic walks accompanied by an adult # DiaMundialAutismo # EsteVirusLoParamosUnidos

– Guardia Civil 🇪🇸 (@guardiacivil) April 2, 2020