The gender of roguelike dungeon crawlerIn other words, exploring dungeons through narrow corridors loaded with monsters, one of the oldest in the world of video games, it should be noted, continues to expand in the current generation with multiple representatives. On this occasion, there is one that also adds elements of role and turn-based combat loaded with strategy, it is Runestone keeper, the first work of the independent developer Blackfire, the result of its collaboration with Cimugames and Circle Entertainment for its publication on different platforms, including the eShop of the Joy-Con console from next 20th of August. During the launch week, which coincides with the next one, the game will have a 10% discount, starting at € 8.99 instead of the € 9.99 it will cost after that period.

Runestone Keeper Trailer (Nintendo Switch eShop)

Runestone Keeper is a challenging roguelike / roguelite dungeon exploration game that combines classic RPG elements and turn-based combat strategy!
This adventure will keep you coming back again and again to reach one more floor, go a little further, while trying to get through the dangers of the dungeon!
Heroes, monsters, many equipment items, events, magic and abilities, traps and gadgets, shrines and altars, goddesses and merchants. Choose your weapon and start an epic adventure!

Main characteristics:

– Randomly generated dungeon structure in each game: almost everything is generated differently each time to ensure a unique experience!
– Prefix and Suffix Based Gear – Loot comes with random but rare prefixes and suffixes. Fight, collect and match for an incredible setup!
– Diverse Monsters: Be cautious alone or team up with a group of monsters with complementary abilities that could drive you crazy.
– Objects, traps, devices and events – Opportunities for a favorable turn even in the most desperate moment. Choose wisely and take advantage of the less cozy nooks and crannies!
– Heroes and Goddesses – Create your hero’s attribute structure! Sacrifice to receive the mighty blessing of the deity (and then betray him to see his fury)!
– A Challenging Experience – Prepare to die a tragic death (not to mention the permanent one)!

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