rumors point to a sequel to Alita Battle Angel

It seems that one of the FOX films most loved by all will have a direct sequel on Disney Plus, at least that is what certain rumors say.

Disney Plus came to the market with everything, because with a catalog full of interesting things like Pixar movies and Star Wars movies, this streaming service has won the hearts of many.

And it is that not only do they have classic productions, but they have begun to make series and original movies that help attract more subscribers. Just like what we’ll see next.

A long-awaited sequel

When Disney decided to buy FOX, many of the productions of the latter were canceled or only forgotten.

One of those productions that fell into oblivion was the sequel to the live action adaptation of Alita: Battle Angel. And is that Although there were many people who loved the film, it is also true that it was not the success that was expected.

Fortunately, rumors have arisen that seem to point to A direct sequel is already being planned, but this would not come in film form, but would be an exclusive Disney Plus series.

This is how he confirmed it journalist Grace Randolph through her Twitter account.

« This one goes out to all fans of the sequel to Battle Angel.

I heard there is serious talk about the sequel or a Disney Plus series. « 

It really seems like Disney has big plans looking forward to everything he acquired with FOX food and we can only wait to see what the future holds for all fans.

Honestly, I think whatever it is, it will be very worth giving this sequel a chance, because the animation that was presented to us in the first part and the action that it had were of first quality. Alone remember that you can read the manga before anything to make your experience much more interesting.