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After being quarantined a few days ago Itatí Cantoral and Juan Soler They returned to the sets to start filming their new soap opera, La Mexicana and El Güero. Excited, the actress shared on her social networks some glimpses of this expected return, which was marked by strict security measures, since Televisa has been firm in this regard. In fact I give you life, another of his productions, has also resumed his activities with all precautions. However, speculation was swift and versions circulated a few days ago that Itatí and his co-star had tested positive for a contagion from Covid-19. But he has been precisely the producer of melodrama, Nicandro Diaz, who has come out to clarify things, rejecting that the actors have been infected at any time.

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Itatí Cantoral, Patricio Castillo and Juan Soler

Directly questioned about the rumors that a few days ago involved Itatí and Juan, protagonists of his production, Díaz recounted what really happened. « Well, as you know, every test has a margin of error, it is likely to be wrong and indeed in a first test both were positive, but that does not mean that they have been ”, explained the producer before Hoy’s cameras. « We were all very surprised because they are very healthy people, who take great care of themselves, » Nicandro continued, noting that, given this result, they chose to repeat the tests to confirm or rule out any situation. « At the end of the road then the tests were done twice more, and they came out negative, that is, it was a false positive, they were never infected« He assured.

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« They were always calm, because they knew how they had passed their quarantine. Itatí even has her mother at home, her children, anyway … And then no one had shown any symptomsOf course, neither do they, ”said the producer, who even revealed that he himself agreed to take the test, which yielded a negative result. « What we did was corroborate, in this case, because they were negative, » he explained. In addition, Díaz clarified that it was until the necessary tests were carried out and that it was confirmed that no one was infected that the recordings began. « It was not that we were recording and they came out positive and‘ ay we are all scared ’, it was not. We hadn’t started recording when these tests were done« , he pointed. « Absolutely, no one came out positive, » he reiterated.

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Juan Soler, Itatí Cantoral and part of the team for the soap opera La Mexicana y el Guero

They record with all security measures

Both Itatí and Juan Soler have reported on their social networks that the filming of their new soap opera is being carried out with all the security measures, both from the cast and from the staff. « Part of the team at La Mexicana and El Guero, enjoying the fun and responsibility of the work … Everything else is the least of it », wrote the gallant of Argentine origin when sharing a photo in which the actress and other companions appear together with members of the production dressed in masks.

For his part, Itatí published a short video last week in which he showed the hair and makeup session prior to the recordings and in it he showed that all the stylists used a face mask as protection measures as well as a mask. The actress has been very excited about this project, which comes after, like many, she paused in her career due to the pandemic. « In these moments what has supported me the most and has filled me with strength are my children and my family.. They have been very difficult and strong times for everyone, but I am lucky to have my three children with me and that has made me a strong woman. The family is everything and in these moments of deaths, diseases and infections, the only thing you can do is love and fight everything with love, ”he said a few days ago in an interview with Las Estrellas during the start of the recordings on Forum 15 of Televisa San Ángel.

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Itattí Cantoral