Rumor would anticipate the merger between Hulu and Disney Plus

For a long time, it has been rumored that the House of the Mouse finally decides to merge the streaming platforms Hulu Y Disney Plus. Until now, their mutual distancing has been seen as necessary in the US because both channels target different audiences; the first can house the “adult” titles that the second, with its familiar charm, is unable to offer. However, this separation could fade at any moment …

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This week, Collider heard rumors that “Several Hulu Executives Have Left or Left the Streaming Service” in order to open the doors to an upcoming merger with Disney Plus. The media also emphasizes the relevance of this from a business perspective, since Wall Street investors would see a single video-on-demand platform with more than one hundred million subscribers more attractive than two of them sharing the same number of clients.

The House of the Mouse reported last month that, by early October 2020, Disney Plus subscribers reached the number of 73.7 million, while those of Hulu added 36.6 million. An update of the figures was promised for next December 10, when the Investor Day from The Walt Disney Company (three weeks after the debut of Disney Plus in Latin America). On the other hand, will it also be on that date that the company makes a merger between the aforementioned streaming servers official?

It should be recalled that Disney has previously expressed low expectations regarding Hulu, stating that it “has no brand awareness outside the United States.” Such a statement came from the CEO of the company Bob Chapek, when announcing a streaming server – called Star– international in scope that will operate in parallel to Disney Plus and will host titles from the ABC network, the FX channel, Freeform, Searchlight and 20th Century Studios, which have no place in a children’s or family catalog.

That said, it is clear that Hulu does not (and will not) present any advantage to Disney on the world stage, and it usually plays a mere distribution role for third-party content, such as Animaniacs. Such a situation reinforces that this platform, sooner rather than later, is absorbed into the home of The Mandalorian. What do you think?

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