RUMOR: Travis Scott is designing his own PS5 game

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Just as gaming is experiencing its best moment in terms of popularity, it is also experiencing a generational shift that has caused companies to rely on figures who are famous and recognized today for the niches they want to reach. Hence, artists like rapper Travis Scott have seen a closer relationship with video games, since it began with Fortnite and currently continues with PlayStation, but in this case it could go further.

Travis Scott would already work on his own PS5 game

According to information from XXLMag, rapper Travis Scott could take his relationship with PlayStation to the next level as the recent announcement of his appointment as creative partner of Sony’s brand would only be the beginning of a more ambitious plan. In that sense, Scott revealed to Forbes magazine that he would soon give more details of his collaboration with PlayStation, but an anonymous source reported that these include the launch of a special edition PS5 and even a game that would already be designed by the rapper and which would be released on the new Sony console.

If this information is true, it is estimated that Travis Scott could earn more than $ 20 million, so the deal with PlayStation would be one of the most important in his multifaceted career, as he would be taking advantage of his success and his relationship with different niches of players related to their music.

So far, there is no official information, neither by Travis Scott nor by Sony, so these details should be taken with reserve, however, the truth is that the rapper is a creative partner of the brand in a way official and it is possible that the first results of this relationship will soon be seen.

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