Rumor: Sasha Calle’s Supergirl to replace Henry Cavill’s Superman in the DCEU

It is undeniable that Warner Bros. still has a lot of material to tell stories from the hand of DC Films, although its attempt to create a great cinematographic universe has already suffered some injuries after the conflicts that were generated with Zack Snyder’s Justice League – 82%, the film that they assured is no longer canon, and many things raised there by the director that fans would like to see will not be taken into account in the next projects.

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The truth is that the characters are still there, with a couple of changes that arose from another series of controversies such as with Ray Fisher’s Cyborg and Henry Cavill’s Superman, whom fans still hope to see again, although it is very difficult. to happen. The one who has generated the most conversation is the protagonist of The Man of Steel – 55%, because after having managed to raise a different superhero from the previous films, and obviously stronger, to which the public had a very good response, everything seems indicate that you will not wear the suit again.

But has the company already found someone to replace the character? Within the studio there is an evident struggle on the part of those who are interested in maintaining it, such as Dwayne Johnson who has been insistent that he wants his Black Adam to face Clark Kent from Cavill, and although it will be difficult for him to achieve recover it, the hope of many is still present. Meanwhile, someone else is already wearing the Superman suit: Sasha street.

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Now that Andy Muschietti is in the middle of filming The Flash (Flashpoint), new paths have begun to emerge. The way in which these begin to forge is through the connection of several universes, which will bring back the Bruce Wayne of Batman – 72% with the interpretation of Michael Keaton; without forgetting the enormous possibility of seeing him share the scene with Ben Affleck’s version.

In addition, Supergirl has also arrived on the scene, from whom the first leaked images emerged last weekend where he is seen flying through Central City with a different suit from the one used in the television series and with a look very similar to that of Cir -El, who in some comics was the daughter of Clark and Lois. With the recent arrival of Calle, there have been some rumors that this new character could be Cavill’s replacement within the DCEU.

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According to a post shared on Reddit, Warner would seek not only to replace the character, but to erase the actor from The Witcher – 67% of his map with this new version. The truth is that so far the study has not given any sign that confirms it, although it would not be strange if it did, and there are still a thousand ways to give Supergirl her place as an independent character, substitute or even to make both versions meet at some point if they can convince Henry to wear the suit again.

It is important to mention that, although this film will be very different from the others in the extended universe and will play with different timelines, if it were confirmed that this heroine is Cir-El, it could have a certain connection with the plans that Liga had. of Justice – 41%, where a son of Lois and Clark would take an important place, although Snyder’s point was that he became a new Batman.

We will only have to wait for the premiere of the film starring Ezra Miller for the doubts to begin to be resolved.

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