Rumor: Orm (Patrick Wilson) will be an antihero as Loki in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom

Not a day has passed since James Wan officially released the title of the second installment of Aquaman – 73%, and several advances in terms of the plot, as well as the development that the characters we already know will have now, they have started to emerge; although for now they are only rumors that we will have to wait for them to be confirmed by those involved with the production or, until the premiere of the film.

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What is clear so far is that what happened in Zack Snyder’s Justice League – 82% will be completely delimited from this new story, especially due to the changes proposed by Zack Snyder that led Warner Bros. to decide to stop considering the film canon. It is expected that Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom continue with the very particular style that you gave James wan, where the story has small touches of the director’s influences within horror movies.

So far the actors who are confirmed to continue being part of the history of the superhero who rules the seas are Jason Momoa and Amber Heard as protagonists, with Temuera Morrison as Tom Curry, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II as companions (or opponents). Black Manta and Patrick Wilson in the role of Orm. On the latter, new information has emerged that indicates where his character who longs for the throne of Atlantis will go.

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According to a rumor shared by the influencer Grace randolph, the return of the also protagonist of El Conjuro – 86% will have an important place, but what has attracted the most attention is that, according to his words, he will now have a personality very much like Loki in the MCU, being an antihero with a very particular personality.

#AquamanAndTheLostKingdom Great to hear the title, they are getting ready to start filming very soon! I’ve heard that #PatrickWilson will return in a supporting role of the type [de] #Loki [como] antihero, glad he’s back! # DC # DCEU

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So far it is not possible to be sure what he means by which the characters will be similar, as he could be talking about the place of the paper on the screen, which is important and significant within the story, or that, taking into account the use of the The word antihero would be referring to the fact that he will become as important as the protagonist, who at some point could help him, but without becoming someone completely good, highlighting his defects and mistakes.

What has identified Orm so far is his serious and ambitious personality; as it is a film that will continue to have the same director, it is difficult to think that he wants to change something within what has already worked in front of the audience. But your place is likely to turn out to be very helpful this time. So far there has not been a particular response to this information from fans, who have highlighted comments asking to see more of Black Manta, or who would like to see the tone taken by Mera in the last film of superheroes of Zack snyder.

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