RUMOR: Microsoft prepares presentation focused on Bethesda

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One of the biggest video game news of the past year came from Microsoft when it revealed that it would buy ZeniMax Media, the company that owns Bethesda and other large studios. Although Microsoft has spoken on several occasions about this acquisition, it has not delved into the details that reveal how this will impact the communication that the developer has with other platforms. However, more details appear to be forthcoming and Microsoft may be planning a major event.

Xbox boss Phil Spencer has commented that plans to buy Bethesda began last year, but that there were still some details to finalize the transaction and that for this reason he had not spoken openly about what this deal will mean in the future of Xbox and Bethesda.

It is known that the agreement will be finalized at the beginning of this year and the renowned industry insider, Jeff Grubb (via Comic Book), revealed that Microsoft is organizing a kind of presentation dedicated to Bethesda, which would serve to formally introduce Bethesda as part from Xbox Game Studios.

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Microsoft is expected to explain how Bethesda will operate at Xbox Game Studios

Until today Microsoft has stated that the agreement with Bethesda does not necessarily mean that the arrival of titles of the company to other platforms will be prevented, but on other occasions it has shown that Bethesda will be critical in the future of Xbox and that it will not need to carry its games to other systems. Thus, it is expected that in this possible presentation it will explain doubts like this. Grubb mentioned that this presentation will take place sometime in mid-March.

“Once the deal is closed, they will talk about him in a great way. I don’t know if it will be a style event [Nintendo] Direct but they will get noticed and talk about it extensively and explain what it means to everyone. I hope it happens sometime in mid-March, ”Grubb commented.

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