Mediaset Spain finalizes the premiere of the second edition of ‘The island of temptations’. The reality show returns and does so after its overwhelming success in the first edition, undoubtedly becoming one of the revelation formats of the last television season. The space produced by Quartz premieres presenter (Sandra Barneda) and participants and it is that five new couples will put their love to match in front of a large group of tempters. Now the big question arises in knowing the exact date of the expected premiere.

Sandra Barneda

For now Mediaset has not wanted to reveal the day the new season will be launched but everything seems to indicate that the premiere is imminent. Proof of this is that This Friday, September 18, Cuatro will broadcast a special program prior to the second season in which we may see a preview of everything to come. ‘On the way to the island of temptations’ is the name of a space that the Mediaset chain will offer on Friday at 00h00, just after the premiere of the new season of ‘Los Gipsy Kings’. The only thing we know about it is that it will last fifteen minutes since the communication group has not given more details about it.

It would not be surprising that simply It is a special broadcast in which we can get to know the five couples in depth that will star in this second edition of the successful reality show and let’s see a preview of the format. But when will it be released? Well, one option is to land on Tuesday against ‘MasterChef Celebrity’ and ‘Woman (Kadin)’ on Antena 3 or do it on Wednesday replacing ‘Come to dinner with me: Gourmet Edition’. At the same time, it would not be surprising if it arrives on Thursday against ‘La valla’ on Antena 3 or on Sunday, replacing ‘White Ants’ and fighting against the cinema of Antena 3 and La 1.

So are the five couples

As for the protagonists of ‘The island of temptations 2’ is concerned; on the one hand we find Marta Peñate (‘GH 16’) and Lester Duque, who will fight to maintain their love after 11 years of relationship. For their part, Melyssa Pinto and Tom Brusse will try to consolidate the relationship they started in ‘Women and men and vice versa’ while Mayka Rivera and Pablo Moya will show that after three years together, love is still alive as the first day. Finally we find Inma Campano and Ángel de los Santos who come to the program after only one year of relationship and Melodie Peñalver and Cristian Jerez do so with nine and with a history of jealousy and significant disputes behind them.