Rugged first day on the Tour


On at 17:42 CEST

First day of the Tour de France and first great montonera. With 45 kilometers to go, a spectator who was waiting in one of the ditches wanted to show a poster to the television cameras and turned his back on the squad that was just passing him at that moment. The closest rider, Tony Martin, collided with that cardboard sign, hitting his head on the ground and causing several of the riders behind to fall.

A large part of the runners were involved but luckily little by little they were able to get up off the asphalt and resume the race, many of them with injuries to different parts of the body. The Movistar cyclists, very close to the accident, were able to solve the situation without too many problems, and only one blow to the wrist of Marc soler. Only Sütterling (DSM) was forced to leave due to the blows suffered in the fall.

When it seemed that the waters were returning to their channel, another fall surprised the group with 7.5 kilometers to go. A stumble in the middle of the peloton returned to find a large part of the participants on the ground. One of the most affected was the British Chris Froome, who could be seen being cared for by his team shortly after.

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