Rufián triumphs with his response to this phrase by Aznar about Ayuso: a photo is enough

Gabriel Rufián and José María Aznar. (Photo: . / GTRES)

The former president of the Government José María Aznar has reappeared to give the note this Friday in a ceremony held together with the president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso.

In this meeting, organized by the Francisco de Vitoria University of Madrid and moderated by the journalist Vicente Vallés, from Antena 3, who has raised various questions.

At one point, Aznar has spoken of being asked about Ayuso many times abroad and Vallés has wanted to know if this could lead to a leadership conflict with the current president of the PP, Pablo Casado.

This has responded Aznar:

“All intelligent leadership surrounds itself with the best, if it is intelligent. And Pablo is. And, therefore, being surrounded by the best and being surrounded, in this case, by Isabel, is a great advantage for him. I have always respected that maxim. Some recognition I have even had is my ability to form teams, which I see Isabel does too, and I can boast of having created very good teams. So good, that there were companions of yours [señalando a Vallés] They thought they mortified me when they told me: these are smarter than you. They thought it bothered me. And I would answer them: look how smart I am to name guys who are smarter than me. Creating good teams is fantastic for the exercise of leadership ”.

A phrase that has been picked up by some media and that has received an answer from Gabriel Rufián, deputy and ERC spokesman in the Congress of Deputies.

From his Twitter account, Rufián has used just two captures to answer the former president. In one, you can see the headline with today’s statements. In the other, an information in which it is collected that twelve of its fourteen …

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