The NBA stopped last March 11 after learning the positive for coronavirus of Rudy gobert and he has returned with the French also as a great protagonist. The Frenchman has given triumph to Utah Jazz before New Orleans Pelicans thanks to two decisive free kicks in the final stretch of the duel.

The Pelicans went ahead almost the entire match, but ended up giving in the final minutes. The minute restriction of Zion Williamson, who was touched and could barely play 15 minutes, could be decisive in the end.

Jordan Clarkson was the top scorer for the Jazz with 23 points. Mike Conley and Donovan Mitchell went to about twenty units and savior Rudy Gobert ended the duel with 14 points and 12 rebounds.

In the Pelicans, Brandon Ingram’s 23 points, JJ Redick’s 21 and Jrue Holiday’s 20 were useless. Zion was left with 13 points.

This defeat leaves the Pelicans touched in their aspirations to finish in eighth place. The Jazz, for their part, take hold in fourth position and, if any one neglects, they can finish up to seconds in the West.

Beyond the game and the final result, the importance of this match lies in the successful return of the competition after several months of mandatory stoppage due to the coronavirus pandemic.