In mid-May, it was reported that the actress Ruby rose gave up his leading role in Batwoman, just concluded the first season of the series. At the time, the Australian made it clear that it was not a decision taken lightly and a couple of days later, rumors spread that the reason for her departure was the demand for long hours of work on set. For this, let’s not forget that last year Rose had to undergo emergency surgery after sustaining a back injury during the filming of the show.

This week, the 34-year-old actor held an interview with EW and there delved into the true reasons that led her to shed the cloak of the Gotham City justice.

« Being the star of a superhero show is hard, » Rose said. “I think in this particular case it was much more difficult because I was still recovering from my surgery. I had surgery and then ten days later I went to work, which was perhaps not the best idea. Most people take about a month or three before going back to work, so it definitely made it harder for that. But when it comes to being the lead in a show or movie — regardless of whether it’s action or emotional — it’s exhausting either way. « 

On the other hand, topic aside from her injury, Rose suggested that it was the coronavirus pandemic – and the period of introspection it brought with it – that ultimately made her decide to step down from her role in Batwoman. Of course, without any conflict with the producers and treasuring pleasant experiences.

«You spend time in quarantine and in a kind of isolation to think about many different things and what you want to achieve in life and what you want to do.« Exposed the histrion. “I think that for both me and the producers, it was a great opportunity to have a dialogue about many things. I respect them a lot and they have been very respectful to me. I think it was actually a beautiful way of doing something, especially since that was the first time it was done: the first time Batwoman was played in a live-action, being an LGBTQ person. I am very honored to have been able to interpret it. « 

And he added:

«I loved my experience in Batwoman. I am very grateful to have accomplished all that we achieved and I am proud of everyone who worked on it. I’m proud of myself for working under interesting circumstances, you know, with recovery and all that. I would definitely do television again. I think it was also time to take a break to fully heal and then come back. »

On July 8, it was announced that the actress Javicia leslie (God Friended Me) would take on the role of Bat Woman for the series’ second season. Immediately Rose pounced on his social networks to congratulate his replacement, and in the recent interview with EW he stressed the pleasure that such a signing generated in him.

I think definitely [Leslie] he knows what he’s doing and he looks fantastic. I was honestly very proud and happy when they told me who would replace me. I’m really excited and I’m definitely going to watch next season to find out how it all comes together. « 

The premiere of the second season of Batwoman is scheduled for January 2021. It has also been announced that the cast of the show will make an appearance at the DC Fandome virtual convention, on August 22.

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