Ruby Riott returned to WWE televised shows in February and quickly began a rivalry with her former “Riott Squad” member Liv Morgan. Their brief rivalry didn’t last long, except for a heads-up fight with Sarah Logan as special referee that resulted in a loss for Riott.

Later, Riott participated in the Women’s Elimination Chamber fight that Shayna Baszler eventually won. Since then, Riott has worked in multiple head-to-head fights against Liv Morgan, in which he has always lost.

In this week’s RAW episode, Riott lost a heads-up against Peyton Royce by count of three.

Ruby Riott’s sad losing streak

Fightful’s Sean Ross Sapp reported on Twitter that Ruby Riott now has 0 wins and 11 losses since his return to WWE in February.

Riott and his “Rebellion Squad” they wreaked havoc during their initial career together. However, his solo career has failed to take off at the company.

Sarah Logan was fired by the company in April, the planned solo push for Liv Morgan has been canceled and Ruby Riott is on an 11-game losing streak.

WWE could be planning to put Morgan and Riott together once again. Hopefully the two find success as a team again at the red mark.

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