Rublev: “It’s like a movie that we are going to have with us for the rest of our lives”

Andrey Rublev and Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova, the brand new gold medalists in the mixed doubles of the Tokyo Olympics 2021, they were visibly excited after his feat. Rublev expressed himself this way: “It was a historic final. There could be no better scenario for our country. It’s like a movie that we’re going to have with us for the rest of our lives. At that moment (after winning), it’s like if your whole life passed in front of your eyes like a flash, remembering how you grew up, how you trained and how you watched the Games on TV when you were little. ” For her part, Pavlyuchenkova also wanted to explain how she lived it: “I had a lot of emotions. This is a dream from when I was a child, which has now come true. Andrey and I had no experience playing together, but from the first victory we feel very good, and with each game we feel even better. “

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