Rubiales: “Luis Enrique is going to be here as long as he wants”

Luis Rubiales, president of the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF), assured this Wednesday that coach Luis Enrique Martínez will be in office “as long as he wants.”

After Spain’s victory over Slovakia (5-0), Rubiales was very satisfied with the role his team has played in the group stage and he responded to the words of Luis Enrique, who this week, after being questioned whether he was going to resign if he did not pass the group stage, said that he planned to renew.

“Victory is important to everyone. Luis is the great leader. He is a man in whom I have full confidence and very lucky to have him by my side with a great resume. He will be here as long as he wants. It has the highest level, “he told Telecinco.

What’s more, he pointed out that he “does not understand” that the victory of Spain serves to “shut our mouths” and he stressed that anyone who wants the “Red” wants results “like today.”

“I would like people to support us. You have to go step by step and hopefully they support us. I am happy. I think that in the other parties there was no justice in the result and today the team has played very well and scored many goals, “he said.

“I have enjoyed it a lot. We have played just as well as in other games with no luck in the face of goal. Today we have had more luck. I am very happy for the fans and for the people of Seville. All over the world, “he added.

In addition, he revealed that “people around and from the bubble” tell him that they see him as very “calm”, and indicated that in sports “anything can happen”.

“Those of us who have dedicated ourselves to football know it. We can beat anyone and suffer against any team. In the second round we have to play against a great team (Croatia) and if we pass we will have another great team. We’re going to enjoy. In this line we can win anyone and hopefully everyone supports us, “he concluded. .

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