Rubiales charges against TVE and warns that “it is probable” that there will be more positives

06/08/2021 at 11:51 PM CEST

Luis Rubiales, president of the Spanish Football Federation, felt very bad about RTVE’s decision to pass the game of the Spanish team against Lithuania to ‘Teledeporte’ instead of giving it live on La 1, as it was initially scheduled . The top federation leader described it as “wrong decision” and recalled that a great opportunity to support La Roja was thus lost in some difficult moments after the positive for COVID of its captain, Sergio Busquets.

Rubiales was forceful when referring to TVE. “This goes to those at the top. For the first time in history they have made the decision to have a match scheduled on the first channel to pass it on to another. Today we needed more support than ever. If you want to respect the players, the national team and the FEF, this is not the way. I hope they treat the national team of all Spaniards with more respect and affection. Especially in a moment of weakness, “he declared.

The president of the Federation defended the players and acknowledged that more cases of coronavirus may be detected in the next few hours. “We are with a positive, but more positive can come. It is likely to happen, but these players deserve respect and also the shield they wear on their shirts, “he advanced.

And he assured that “there is no profession in Spain that forces their companies to give up their workers to do something. And that’s what the players do, who are forced, but happy and proud to defend their country. It is regulated by law, a player cannot say no “.

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