Rubén Rondón, from annihilator in the ring to being a model and spokesperson for several NGOs

Not all young people fit in the same way the separation of their parents, especially when one of the two parties does not have an optimal behavior and when one of the two parents is affected by the divorce. Ruben Rondon (20 years old) was one of these children who became a bargaining chip and did not quite understand or fit into the new reality that they have to live. When he looks back, he sees a childhood marked by difficulties, punished by depression and misunderstanding, by loneliness, a desolate panorama and with a bad ending that he was able to avoid thanks to the joy and the repairing task that the Muay thai. A martial art that is allowing him to write his own life and that has opened a new way for him to follow in the world of fashion, thanks to his body not excessively punished despite his being a contact sport and physical punishment. which also shows his power and intelligence in the ring.

A sporting future and a way of understanding life that was not easy for him to write either. After the separation, Rubén had to change house in his Valladolid Natal, along with her father’s new partner and their three children, a woman who demanded that he pay for the trips to the championships in which she and her three children participated. He said no. A refusal that had as an answer to find the closed door of what was in theory his house, with a suitcase with his bears on one side of the door frame. Incredible, but true, condemning a 16-year-old to make a life for himself.

At the age of 16, they closed the door of his house in his face and he had to find a life

Fortunately, Rubén never put aside his great passion for Muay Thai. After winning several regional championships, one day he performed at a Spain Championship, without anyone to accompany him and without a coach. He asked the federation and the president of the World karate and Kickboxing Association (WKA) He asked the director in Spain of the same to take care of him, to see what he could do for him. This director was none other than Antonio Ricobaldi, CEO of Unlimited Global Challengers (UCG). Rondón was with Antonio’s team in the concentration and soon after he was proclaimed world champion in 2018. Along the way, and whenever he could, he has shown all his potential every time he puts on the gloves – although he define yourself as a calm, relaxed person, but as the bell rings, he transforms and takes out all his anger and frustration–, which has led him to be a six-time amateur champion of Spain in K1 and Muay Thai, an amateur world champion in Muay Thai already obtain a neo professional title in K1, for a total of 51 fights, with 48 won and three lost. 48 wins, half of them won by KO, hence he is known as the ‘Annihilator’.

Rubén Rondón found an escape route in the ring


Rubén trains tirelessly under Antonio Ricobaldi in the gym and then goes home to the film producer and former karate fighter Angel Garcia, known as one of the most famous production directors of the ‘kinki’ cinema in front of ‘Opalo Films’ and next to Eloy de la Iglesia, with reference tapes such as ‘El Pico I’, ‘La estanquera de Vallecas’ or ‘Navajeros’.

The next day 25 has a new opportunity to continue growing in this sport, with the dispute of the national title in 70 kilograms of the Global Boxing Federation (GBF) on Murcia. An appointment that should allow him to take a new step in his professional career and in his two maxims: to be number 1 and the benchmark in the big leagues and to help his mother financially, to whom he has already told him that as soon as possible you are going to buy him a house.

He recently signed his professional contract with the UCG company, he gives classes in the gym to boys and girls and at the same time he is carving out a future as a professional model, offering to star in the campaign ‘Pending issues’ of the NGO Plan International to help children or the short film ‘Color boy’ directed by Clara di Carlo of a campaign against drugs. No one knows better than he what it is to feel displaced and how important it is to train and find meaning in life when the doors are closed.

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