There are times that when you put so much heart and so much desire to a project, the initial approach runs the risk of remaining small, scarce, unable to meet your expectations. Something like this has happened to Rubén Ramírez Hidalgo and Mariano Campos in their current stage as coaches, motivated to move to the Sport Club of Alicante with the idea of ​​multiplying the scope of their work and accommodating all the players who are knocking on their door. It will not be a very complicated move, since what weighs most is the illusion and that persecutes them wherever they step.

“We were very limited in terms of space and personnel,” says Rubén, referring to the Arena, his previous base of operations. “In this last year we have grown a lot With the competition school, if we wanted to continue giving that personalized treatment to the players, we needed eight turns, the only option was to make the jump. Now we are at the Sport Club de Alicante, three kilometers away, with a new management and a lot of brand new things: tracks, restaurant, gym, etc. There the paddle already worked well, but the tennis had it a little abandoned. In these first days we have given him a good facelift and in three weeks it will look like a new place ”, he declares with emotion.

“As of July 1, all the players will come to us, with the previous structure it was not enough to accommodate them all. Now we have 11 tracks and that multiplies our options to give them a better service. We have a very good group, also I keep traveling with Pedro Sousa and Tommy Robredo. I still really like competition, but dealing with the base is very special. Many are still children, but some of them are already very good, they stand out in their category at the national level, so it is a tremendous illusion to see them grow up to tournaments. It is a pleasure to train and accompany these people who start from the bottom, ”adds the former world No. 50, who has been installed for years as a coach.

And what changes compared to the previous stage? “The great news is that we are going to start with a base school where children can be educated from a young age and thus reach that level before that keeps them with the idea of ​​being professionals. It is a project that takes time, but we want to offer something different to other base schools. Now the normal thing is to have a lot of volume of players but very few with the necessary level, something is wrong. Many children continue to play, yes, but less and less come out. The base has been neglected a little in recent years, that is why we want to give it importance, give the ingredients to these children so that they do not end up getting bored or end up leaving it, “emphasizes the Alicante native.

Under the seal of Spanish Tennis Way, a way of understanding tennis that has spread around the world, and the unconditional support of Yonex, the intention of Rubén and Mariano is far from becoming a training center for the use. In fact, they don’t even want to hear the word academy in their dictionary. “We do not like the concept of ‘academy’, it is a concept that is linked to a crowded environment, group training, a little personalized treatment and a unique way of teaching. Our system is more personalized, we pay independent attention to each player, only in this way can you get the most out of each person’s talent ”, explains our protagonist.

The adventure has only just begun, although the recent results and the increase in demand have motivated this step forward, a high jump that allows them to access more ambitious objectives. “We have been less than two years, but working from sunrise to sunset. We just like what we do, we work very hard and we see that people also respond. From 07:30 to 19:30 we do not stop, that is our day, we leave all the energy on track for a simple reason: this is what we like. In addition, we see how the boys are leveling up and that is the most comforting. We have had cases of profiles that have come from other sites complaining precisely about this lack of attention, this is what confirms that we are doing things right, ”celebrates Rubén, retired from the official competition since 2017.

It seems that the coronavirus It could be the only factor that meddles between the Spanish Tennis Way and success, but even the virus has its positive side when it comes to our sport. “People are a little scared and that has affected all the jobs in the world. It has also been a stage that has made us reflect, now we return with the desire to work even more than before. I think tennis will benefit from now on, other group sports are being more limited, even canceled, so there are parents who are already betting on tennis before, it is booming! Without any doubt, right now, tennis is the best option