RTVE responds’ returns on Sunday, June 28, at 1:25 p.m. on La 2, to explain the complaints of the spectators. The program will describe how the coronavirus pandemic has affected the daily operation of RTVE and its incidence in the immediate future, with Fernando López Puig, director of Contents and Channels for TVE, as a guest.

Mariano Rajoy, example in ‘We learn at home’

This edition will be marked by the response to the controversial use of Mariano Rajoy in a language class. The former president was given as an example of « linguistic inconsistency » in his speech, in the context of a language class in the program ‘We learn at home’. « The worse, the better for everyone. And the worse for everyone, the better. Better for me is his, political benefit, » was Rajoy’s chosen phrase.

Last April, the Ministry of Education and RTVE already officially apologized, noting that the video « should never have been broadcast in that children’s space. » RTVE then released the person responsible for the review and promised to reinforce the supervisory mechanisms of the contents of said program. The same space receives another complaint for not including sign language interpreters.

Bad language in ‘OT 2020’?

In addition, RTVE will respond to two complaints related to ‘OT 2020‘. One for the profane language of the professors and the other for the behavior of the contestants regarding the health regulations in a pandemic. Toñi Prieto, Entertainment Director of TVE, will answer these questions and also a third for the way in which the ‘MasterChef’ jury has treated one of the participants.

A complaint, related to the teachers of ‘OT 2020’

A complaint for the series ‘Quarantine Diaries’ will also be collected, due to its comedy tone. Other viewers have sent in protests about not including a black crepe on RTVE’s screen in the early days of the state of alarm, as well as a complaint about the tie design used during the days of official mourning.

Related to Clan, a question will be answered about the few children’s programs that are broadcast with sign language. Finally, the director of Antenna and Programming, Gemma Sánchez, will give a explanation for the change in the broadcasting time of the miniseries’ The name of the rose‘. It will also answer for the reduction of the time of emission of the desktop series.