RTVE has the perfect plan for the weekend. From this Friday, March 20, the first three seasons of ‘El Ministerio del Tiempo’ are available in Full HD on the RTVE website. With the motto # QuédateEnCasaConMdT, the public network invites viewers to refresh the adventures of the patrollers before the fourth season reaches the prime time of La 1.

Nacho Fresneda, Aura Garrido and Hugo Silva, protagonists of ‘The Ministry of Time’

A total of 34 chapters traveling through the different eras of the history of our country by the hand of Rodolfo Sancho, Aura Garrido, Nacho Fresneda, Hugo Silva, Macarena García, Cayetana Guillén Cuervo, Jaime Blanch, Juan Gea, Natalia Millán and Julián Villagrán. It is the first time that the fiction created by Javier and Pablo Olivares is available in Full HD.

It is not the only offer on the RTVE.es website. Fans of the series will be able to know the keys to the first three seasons with various specials. In addition, there is a challenge for the “ministries”, who will be able to demonstrate how much they know about ‘The Ministry of Time’ in the Trivial series and also play which member of the patrol they most resemble … Julián, Amelia, Irene , Alonso, Pacino or Lola Mendieta?

What is to come

‘The Ministry of Time’ aired the last episode of the third season on November 1, 2017. After two years of uncertainty, RTVE confirmed the renewal of the series for a fourth season, in which they will return as the protagonists Rodolfo Sancho and Aura Garrido, who will resume their roles as Julián and Amelia. In addition, it has signings like that of Manuela Vellés. The episodes of this fourth round will be directed by Javier Olivares and Marc Vigil, while the scripts are the work of Jordi Calafí, Isabel Sánchez, Daniel Corpas, Carolina González and Pablo Lara. The Golden Age of a young Felipe II or the filming of “Labyrinth of Passions”, by Pedro Almodóvar, are some of the moments that will star in this season.