Continuing with the many initiatives of free content and services that are being launched these days, RTVE Digital has just presented the website ‘We are cinema’. According to public television, on the portal we can see more than 60 free Spanish films, and they say that they will be expanding titles throughout the month. There are also some Latin American women and even some non-Spanish speakers, such as ‘La vida de Adele’.

In addition to presenting many films, the catalog also stands out in quality, because, as they stand out from RTVE itself, there are films awarded in the Goya as ‘Champions’, ‘Snow White’, ‘Living is easy with eyes closed’, ‘Truman’ , ‘Julieta’, ‘The author’ or ‘No one wants the night’. Among the films that are not and will come, we find works such as ‘The call’.

Free and subtitled movies

In ‘We are Cinema’ we miss a section where you can search for movies or see directly all the titles available on the platform. In this sense, it should also be noted that the image quality is lower than that of the main streaming platforms. Still, as the saying goes “don’t give a tooth to a gift horse.

These are all that from RTVE have listed, that are or will be, but there are more that do not appear:

         RTVE launches ‘Somos cine’, a website to watch more than 60 Spanish films for free