We are at the equator of this year, a “rare, rare” year, which we do not know what is in store for the remaining six months, but I think that more than one we are looking at it out of the corner of our eyes. Thank goodness for us, those fortunate for the gift of passion for music, the evils choking us in another way by the grace of our favorite bands.

Record Store Day is like a day of thanksgiving for vinyl lovers and everything that surrounds fetish to a much-desired lust object that is a record. For reasons dictated by hidden forces, both our vinyl day and our pilgrimage sites to our sacred gatherings (Azkena, HellFest, etc.) have been crossed off the calendar. But a miracle has made the RSD fragment itself on different dates so that we can spend that money that we do not have, but from which we always manage to scratch something.

Each one will already have in their list or in their mind what and on which (s) to spend it, but, if you allow me, I would like to return to praise the merits of a band that has been struggling in this music thing for a long time. For RSD a beautiful EP is taken out of the top hat, which in case anyone does not know it consists of four songs! And the excuse of “I don’t buy singles” doesn’t suit me. “One Man’s Bible is Another Man’s Hell”, “Keep on Knocking”, “In a Simple Rhyme”, “How Dare you Lie”, here are the names of these four pildorazos that are literally a “Kickin ‘in you ass” of high octane.

An EP that if it were a vaccine, it would kill the Covid-19 in less time than a rooster crows! Lovers of High Energy, Garage, Glam, PowerPop, in short of R’n’R, this will take you out of the drowsiness in which you have been confined. Great songs made to be danced and chanted either with a mask or without them, because when those guitars sound and Sergio’s bellow takes away all the nonsense that you have accumulated these months watching the news. Schizophrenic Spacers is the friends remedy to so much curtness, nepotism and uselessness that is invading us and, so that we do not forget, simply read aloud the name with which this food for the soul is baptized: “Just for Fun… Again ”

By the way is to put on that “Lie” and want to play it again, Sergio Martos is black, yes, yes … «Black Lives Matter». Also two versions and what gentlemen versions with such good judgment; nothing more and nothing less than the “Keep On Knocking” of the Deaths and the “In A Simple Rhyme” of my favorite Van Halen album, that “Women And Children First” that I crushed at the time to satiety.

Do not forget, when looking for big names and albums released by major labels with the simple purpose of getting your euros with records that, apparently, promise a lot and in the end do not bring anything from the other world (more or less like the politicians) , to buy this EP from the Schizophrenic Spacers, in addition to thanking me you will feel like a fucking mother. By the way this will be next 20 of this month !!