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Possibly upon hearing the word “Royalty” surely you instantly identify Meghan Markle However, she is not the only actress who is part of royalty, she knows some names of celebrities who are part of royalty.

I knew that the American actress Jamie Lee Curtis she married the British director Christopher Guest, who after the death of his father, inherited the title of Baron Haden-Guest of Essex County.

For two years the actress Meghan Markle and the prince harry They were married in a ceremony that went around the world.

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Everyone knows the love story that was lived between them, because it has been well known and around the world as the actress American managed to conquer a coveted British prince.

However it is not the only one of Hollywood famous for being part of royalty.

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Uma Thurman, in addition to being one of the most famous actresses in Hollywood, the actress has royal blood, is the daughter of Robert Thurman and Nena von Schlebrügge, who is the daughter of german-born baron Friedrich Karl Johannes von Schlebrügge and the baroness Swedish Birgit Holmquist, refugees in Mexico during World War II.

Mexican actress Laura Martinez Herring, was born in Los Mochis, Sinaloa and became the first Latina to be crowned Miss USA in 1985.

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She married the German count and politician Carl-Eduard von Bismarck-Schönhausen, great-grandson of the prince herbert von bismarck and great-great-grandson of Otto von Bismarck.

Although they divorced after two years of marriage, Laura Martinez Herring retains the title of countess.

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Grace kelly She was a Hollywood actress in the 1940s, became Princess Consort of Monaco by her marriage to Prince Raniero III.

The actress Jessica Chastain she and her husband will receive the title of countess and count of the Passi de Preposulo house in Lombardy.

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