Rowenta Body Massager: anti cellulite remedy

This body massager offers a comprehensive action to reshape the body, reduce cellulite and firm the skin.

Rowenta’s My Beauty Routine line expands its body care range with this new Body Massager. Now that summer is approaching, everything is in a rush to get the silhouette ready. It is a new ally as pleasant as it is effective, since it is used for different areas of your body to improve your complexion and sculpt your figure: thighs, buttocks, waist and arms.

Full care with double action

Rowenta Body Massager’s innovative high-performance design provides a new way to even out skin texture and reduce the “orange peel” appearance of cellulite. In this way, it helps to show off a more beautiful body with fewer imperfections, throughout the year.

In turn, day after day, Rowenta Body Massager makes the skin appear visibly firmer throughout the body.

Proven efficacy

Rowenta Body Massager perception tests prove its effectiveness. According to company data, 70% positive results when visibly improving and perfecting the silhouette; 79% positive results in firming care; 79% positive results in cellulite reduction. Also, most users noticed these results in just one month. It was a month-long perception test with 30 volunteers in France, in 2020.

Nice and relaxing

In addition to offering complete care for the whole body, Rowenta Body Massager has been designed to be pleasant and relaxing to use. A routine that relieves tension and produces a feeling of well-being, which can also be used underwater, as it is waterproof.

Stubborn cellulite

The Rowenta Body Massager has been specially created to mechanically combat the most embedded cellulite, as it helps to break down fat deposits and eliminate the dimples that these generate in the skin. It has also been effective in relieving the feeling of “heavy legs.”

Rowenta Body Massager: 159 euros

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